Q and A Extra Vehicles

I recently talked with a seller about removing extra vehicles from his property while his home was listed for sale. He wondered why. I usually recommend that sellers remove any recreational vehicles such as boats, RVs, jetskis or non-working vehicles while the home is for sale and during the pending to close period. Why?

  1. Vehicles, whether they are in great shape or not, are not a part of the property and can be distracting to the potential buyer.
  2. With potential buyers walking around the property and in and out of storage areas and the garage, vehicles can get scratched or damaged.
  3. They represent potential hazards that people can trip over or get injured around
  4.  They take up space making garages and storage areas appear smaller or cluttered.

There are temporary storage options available which I would be happy to review with you including:

  • Storage facilities that are specifically designed for cars, recreational vehicles, boats, etc.
  • Storing at a friend or family member
  • Temporary mooring