Your Outdoor Space May Be Just The Ticket To Sell Your Home

Outdoor spaces are highly desired by homebuyers young and old. If you have been evaluating your home’s outdoor space potential and are ready to make some improvements, consider the following:

1. The flow from the inside to the outside – Glass folding door/walls are the newest rage, but if that is too costly, then look for more ways to let in more light and the view by changing walls into windows.
2. Creating rooms – Through seating, places to put down drinks and books, plants, and even rugs to define spaces, create a sense of comfort by defining different spaces to relax.
3. Getting cozy – Today’s outdoor furniture includes robust couches, coffee tables, and chairs with ample weather-resistant cushions.
4. Checking out the lighting – Lighting in the garden, around seating areas, and highlighting certain garden features can have big impact!
5. Power! – Adding outdoor power outlets allows you to do things like charge your phone and work on your computer while lounging.
6. Music – Outdoor speakers that are hooked into a central sound system can also set the mood.
7. The Fun! – Now for the extras! What kind of recreation do you want? A tree house? A fire pit? Horseshoes?

Of course, if you are just creating outdoor spaces to appeal to a wider range of homebuyers, you should make different choices than if you are actually planning on enjoying your space for several years to come. If you would like help with either, please give me a call or text: (425) 260-0715 or send an email to: [email protected].

• National Association of REALTORS 2016 Home Buyer Seller Profile